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Our team has produced effective radio, television, print, web, and social media communications for a variety of audiences and issues.

Cancer Control

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The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is charged with providing science-based information on cancer to the public, health professionals, and special audiences about cancer. NCI’s Office of Market Research and Evaluation (OMRE) oversees an extensive portfolio of research ranging from evaluation planning and design, formative research, pretesting, usability, to process evaluation. FHI 360 has been contracted by OMRE to conduct these comprehensive formative research evaluation activities.

FHI 360 is implements approximately 20 distinct research studies each year in a multi-year contract. Research typically includes literature reviews, in-depth interview studies, focus group studies, Web surveys, and media content analyses. The research context spans the cancer continuum—from prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, survival, to end of life.